Learning Mathematics has never been easier with the option of online learning. No more limitation to attending classes and having to sacrifice your time. With online classes, you can learn from your home and just prepare for your final exams.


Mathematics N3 Online Lessons


Online lessons for Mathematics N3 are designed to offer options for those students who have their schedules packed and cannot afford any time to attend classes. Let us face it, in today's ever busy world, you cannot afford to stop one project so that you can focus on the other one-why not choose to do all of them. Online learning afford you such opportunity. 

Another important thing that the online learning will fix is for those students who are very very unhappy with their teachers/lecturers and they have nothing to do about itThe good news is with online learning, you can have a lecturer of your choice, whom you understand and can still achieve even better results than being stuck with a boring lecturer.


tired of a boring lecturer


Truth be said, how many students have failed as a result of picking up a fight with or disliking a lecture. Online learning makes students not be at the mercy of their lecturers but gives lectures a deeper introspection on how they approach their lessons and their students.

Mathematics N3 online lessons will go a long way in assisting you to pass the most important subject in your career and without it, you will sabotage your prospects of ever graduating.


How are the lessons conducted


The maths N3 online classes are conducted in two forms-firstly through pre-recorded videos which the students engages themselves in on daily basis through the provided platform. Secondly live sessions or lesson are provided on the subject and students join the online class. Both of these are very effective in ensuring you pass the subject.


Duration of the lessons


The mathematics online lessons are for 24 minutes per day for the next 10 weeks and you will be ready to write your final exams. A student can at times need more time and this is still possible since these lessons are available for the student 24/7.


What are the fees for Mathematics Online learning


The fees payable for the online classes are much cheaper compared to the contact classes, not to mention the hidden costs in contact classes such as transport/fuel, food and time lost in-between.With online lesson, you use the same internet connection you are already using in the house and you are live and ready to learn at the convenience of your time or schedule.

When can one register for Mathematics N3 Online classes


Registration for the classes can be at any time as per student needs and this can be timed with when you want to write your final exams. Exams are written three times in a year and hence the student can choose their exam time accordingly.


What devices do I need to have for online classes


For you to connect online you need devices such as your smartphone-a bigger phone screen the better for better visual, or a computer desktop or laptop or tablet. Any device that can allow you to stream videos is suitable plus your internet connection and thats it. The rest will be handled by the syetems put in place. For live classes, your device must have a camera and this is up to you how you want the quality of your camera to be like as per your device.


Register today and start learning


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