Mathematics N1 Online course

Studying mathematics online has been simplified at this point, thanks to the introduction of online platforms. It is now much more easier to study from home through online learning. The online learning is gaining more ground and we as 24 minute lessons would like to assure you that this is the future of learning-easy and simplified.

Better choice through online learning

Through online learning you stand a better chance of excelling in your exams than ever before. This is because the opportunities of studying are increased when online learning is chosen. The simplest thing that usually comes to mind is you can repeat the lesson as many times as possible. With your teacher that becomes a problem because they become annoyed if you are not getting their point….usually they move one without bothering if you got the concept or not. This creates gaps in your learning and later becomes a stumbling block to your passing of the subject.

Mathematics N1 Online learning advantages

There are many advantages that the Mathematics N1 online learning will bring to the students and these include:

  • Being able to study at your own pace. You can choose your timetable and structure your classes so that they do not disturb your other commitments.
  • Better and quality learning without pressure of being forced to understand a concept. In the normal class, when you ask a question, you become afraid to ask a follow up question for the fear of annoying the teacher. Online videos do not get annoyed.
  • Being honest with yourself and more open in online class/learning because you are not being judged.
  • You can repeat the lessons as many times as you can if you forget a concept or want to recap again
  • Much more convenient and cheaper option versus contact learning which involves travelling and expensive fees.
  • And currently with the outbreak of Covid 19, it is the safest way to learn and ensure you are safe.

Sample videos

Have a look at these videos that shows lesson exerpts for online learning. With these you can prepare thoroughly for your final exam.

Another sample video

Mathematics N1 online videos-Exam tips

Whats the next step

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