Question 1

The first question focused on algebra with two topics being covered-exponents as well as logarithms.

Question 1.1 was testing students on their knowledge and understanding of laws of exponents. Though straight forward, students needed to be careful with question 1.1.3 as it required them to use surds knowledge with exponents.

Click on the video below to see how you could have approached the question. In this video I show you the part where most students could have made errors on the question which you also can avoid.


Question 1.2 focused on logarithms and for the marks given particularly on question 1.2.1 of 4 marks, it was a good chance for a student to score well. The question only required the student to understand factorisation as the main trick on logarithms. Get the tips here on how you should have solved such a question.

Question 2

The whole of question two was out of 9 marks with question 2.1 carrying 6 marks and a must grab for students. Question 2 again was on algebra and both questions 2.1 and 2.2 are common routine questions. Question 2.2 in particular was a simple algebraic subtraction that is common and needed students to be wary of errors especially when dealing with the negative sign, otherwise there was just nothing much to worry about.


Question 2.1 was on long division. Long division can at times be challenging to students but with enough practice you can master the steps and be able to get all your marks.

Check a sample video below on long division and use the technique to solve this similar question.

Question 3

Question 3 carried a full 16 marks and again mainly centred on algebra. The main topics it covered included factorisation (question 3.1), simplification of fractions (question 3.2) and finding the lowest common multiple (LCM) and highest common multiple (HCF).  All the questions were simple routine problems and if a student had understood the basics of these then all the 16 marks were easy to get.


The other videos can also be of help to practice such similar questions

For question 3.1.2 The following video shows how you could have factorised by grouping:


For question 3.2 on simplification of fractions, this video will be of great help:



As for question 3.3 which was on lowest common multiple (LCM) and highest common multiple (HCF), the 5 marks given to it was an icing on the cake. Check the technique for solving such questions below as I solve the question for you as is in the question paper.


Question 4

Question 4 focused also on algebra but dealing mainly with equations. Question 4.1 was on solving for x and  simple equations that needed a student to understand expansion and fractions. Check out a few examples below on how I solve these questions and you can gain a few hints as you prepare for your final exam.

Question 4.2 was a word problem question while question 4.3 was dealing with the subject of formula. I do a lot of work on these topics and will encourage you to subscribe to our channel and you will get lots of videos on these under Mathematics N1.

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Question 5

Question 5 was on graphs and graph sketching. Students needed to know plotting a straight line graph as well as a hyperbola which are covered in your syllabus.

Question 5.1 was on straight line graph and understanding of the straight line graph.

Question 5.2 was just on sketching a hyperbola. The tricky part to the question was the way they presented it. I will encourage that you enrol with our 24 minute lesson and ensure that you get enough teaching on these topics as they are also simpler to answer was properly taught. Get more information on how you can enrol with us by clicking here

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Question 6

Question 6 was on geometry with question 6.2 requiring students to answer their geometry question stating reasons. I worked out this question for you check it out below. The 8 marks given to it indeed was an opportunity for one to capitalise on.



Question 7

Question 7 was on trigonometry and required students to understand their basic trigonometry. I will say I was dissapointed at this section as the examiner did not give enough juice to this section but rather chose to be mild. In total the whole section was out of 9 marks which was too low for those students who had prepared well for this section.


However, do not be decieved for your next exam and think it might be the same and you neglect trigonometry. I encourage you to study it well and be prepared for the unexpected.

Question 8

This was the last question and focused on mensuration of plane shapes. It had a total of 14 marks and a good section for students to score good marks.


Question 8.1 mainly required students to understand the theorem of Pythagoras as well as how to find a perimeter of a shape.


Question 8.2 needed students to understand area of a rectangle and how to manipulate it (algebra knowledge required)


Question 8.3 was on understanding percentages and a simple question if you practiced on them


Question 8.4 required students to understand ratio and a good question to score marks. 

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