This post will be periodically updated every time we post a new video we will also update it. The main aim of the post is to provide you with Mathematics N4 tips and strategies that you can incorporate as you prepare for your final exams.

Mathematics N4 is one of the most interesting subject and if properly studied it becomes easier to even get a distinction. The aim of this post is to support students with different topics that can be challenging to understand but made easier for easy understanding.The lessons are also made short to ensure maximum understanding.

Mathematics N4 Word Problems Involving Simultaneous Equations

Word problems can sometimes be tricky if the approach is not prperly calculated. Below I share with you a strategy you can use to solve word problems involving simultaneous equations. The most important thing being first to understand carefully the question. Mostly the questions need you to understand simultaneous equations. Check this video as an example. Click here


Mathematics N4 Exponential Equations

Get to understand better exponential equations in mathematics n4 as you prepare for your exams. Check this video. Click here


Mathematics N4 Differential Calculus-Cubic functions

I consider calculus one of the most interesting areas of Maths. In the video below, get tips on how you can apply calculus to solve algebraic expressions involving cubic functions. Differentiation foundation is laid in Maths N3 and maths N4 kind of takes it a little deeper. Click here for more info.

Mathematics N4 Word Problems