The release date for the 2022 matric results has been announced. Matriculants are eagerly and expectantly awaiting their fate and outcome after they sat for the November 2022 exams. The results are expected to be announced by the Minister of Basic Education Angie Motshekga on the 19th of January. The official release of all results will be on the 20th of January where learners will be able to visit their schools to collect them.

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The release date for the results though comes after some controversies that occurred on the Mathematics paper that saw Mathematics learners being faced with a question on paper 2 that could not be solved. In as much as Umalusi did mention they will involve experts in determining up to what extent the question did impact negatively on the learners, little has been said regarding progress. The only thing Umalusi publicly announced was the scratching of the whole question making the paper out of 93 marks.

Solving the unsolvable question that stressed learners. Watch. 

The current group of learners faced the most challenges as their classes were disrupted for the two years of the Covid-19 lockdowns. Asked as to whether this will be taken into considerations, the Department Basic Education has reiterated its support on learners including the trimming of the curriculum to the availing of catch up plans meant to reduce the impact. Umalusi had been adamant of ensuring quality and consistency of the exams.

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Notably so, the 2022 matric exams like the 2021 exams experienced the leaking of papers that saw teachers and learners sharing question papers and answers on WhatsApp groups. This did compromise the quality of the paper Umalusi endeavors to maintain.

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