Mathematics N3 Online Classes

Are you tired of failing your exams……?Are you studying Engineering subjects and Mathematics is one of them. Are you having time contraints to attend class? Are you struggling understanding your teacher? Then Mathematics N3 Online course is designed with you in mind. The online classes will greatly assist as you prepare for your final exam.

All Modules Covered with Easy-To-Understand Videos

The online class covers the whole syllabus of Mathematics N3 and ensures that you are fully prepared. The N3 syllabus is shown.

The class offers full curriculum which has also been put in video format to ensure even more  understanding of the subject. Activities are given in every lesson to offer enough practice.

Module: Factors

  • Introduction to factorization from Mathematics N1 and N2
  • Factorising by grouping
  • The difference of two squares
  • The quadratic trinomial
  • The factor theorem and remainder theorem
  • Algebraic fractions – addition, subtraction, division & multiplication

Module: Exponents, Surds & Logarithms

  • Laws of exponents
  • Simplifying of exponents
  • Factorisation involving exponents
  • Equations involving exponents
  • Introduction to Surds and simplification of surds
  • Laws of logarithms
  • Simplifying Logarithms
  • Logarithms equations

Module: Analytical Geometry (Co-Ordinate Geometry)

  • Distance, midpoint and gradient of a line formulas
  • Concept of parallel lines and perpendicular lines
  • Angle of inclination
  • The equation of a straight line and different methods to find it
  • Sketching a straight line graph
  • Equation of a circle
  • Intersection between a circle and a straight line
  • Tangent of a circle and equation of a tangent

Module: Graphs And Graph Sketching

  • Sketching quadratic graphs-Parabola
  • Sketching cubic graphs

Module: Equations

  • Introduction to equations-linear equations
  • Quadratic equations and using the Product/Sum method to solve them
  • Using the quadratic formula
  • Completing a square
  • Equations involving square roots
  • Equations involving fractions

Module: Simultaneous Equations, Word Problems And Manipulation Of Formulae

  • Three methods of solving simultaneous equations
  • Simultaneous equation between a linear equation and a quadratic equation
  • Techniques in solving word problems
  • Techniques in making the ‘subject of formulae’
  • Substitution into the formula

Module: Algebraic Graphs

  • The straight line-Revision
  • The circle
  • The ellipse
  • The hyperbola
  • Parabola introduction
  • Cubic graph introduction

Module: Calculus

  • Limits
  • Rules of differentiation
  • Performing differentiation
  • Differentiation from first principles

Module: Trigonometry

  • Introduction to trigonometry-important foundation
  • Reduction rules including those of angles greater than 360 and negative angles
  • Special angle
  • Cosec, Sec and Cotangent
  • Trigonometric identities & proofs
  • Sketching trigonometric DIAGRAM
  • Trigonometric equations
  • Solving non-right-angled triangles using Sine rule and Cosine rule and area of a triangle
  • Application of trigonometry-Angle of elevation and depression
  • Sketching trigonometric graphs-Lesson

Whats In It For You!

Students registered get access to online video tutorials and all the other content depending on the subscription plan. The resources available range from an online Mathematics N3 Textbook-carefully crafted for the N3 syllabus, pre-recorded videos on the syllabus, , pre-recorded revision sessions of latest papers written, live class sessions, previous question papers, activities per topic as well as planner to assist you track your progress. Take time to view some of the sample videos shown. 

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