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Our online learning is aimed at assisting our valued learners in simplifying as much as possible the Engineering subjects, starting with Mathematics enabling students to pass it first time. The 24 minute lesson was inspired by one student who always struggled with Mathematics during normal teaching time. The student used to ask for extra classes and an idea was born on creating videos for him in some of the concepts he was battling with so that he can learn them at the comfort of his own time and space. What we picked up with the student was an improvement in those areas and as a teacher, I discovered the student learnt better where he felt no pressure around him-pressure from classmates and expectations from me. The videos have gone to become more used by students and more preferred than classes. Teaching in class and at times online one-on-one teaching has also been used to enhance further student understanding.

Our student results have increased not only in passing but also in the quality of the passes with students getting 70% and above in their Mathematics.  We then saw it fit to extend this to every other student whether registered with us or registered with another college. Any student can now benefit from the online classes. Consider registering today.

All Courses Covered with Videos

The online class covers the whole syllabus of different subjects. Currently the classes are focusing on Mathematics N1-N3 with the aim of growing them soon to all other subejcts

The class offers the full curriculum which has also been put in video format to ensure even more  understanding of the subject. Activities are given in every lesson to offer enough practice.

Mathematics N1

  • The four basic algebraic operations
  • LCM, HCF, Factorisation
  • Algebraic fractions
  • Exponents
  • Logarithms
  • Equations
  • Algebraic Graphs And Graph Sketching
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Mensuration of Plane Shapes, Percentages and Conversions

Mathematics N3

  • Factors
  • Equations
  • Simultaneous Equations, Word Problems And Manipulation Of Formulae
  • Exponents, Surds & Logarithms
  • Algebraic Graphs And Graph Sketching Part 1
  • Analytical Geometry (Co-Ordinate Geometry)
  • Graphs And Graph Sketching Part 2
  • Calculus
  • Trigonometry

Mathematics N2

  • LCM, HCF, Factorisation
  • Algebraic fractions
  • Exponents
  • Logarithms
  • Equations
  • Algebraic Graphs And Graph Sketching
  • Goniometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Mensuration of Plane Shapes, Percentages and Conversions

Revision sessions for exam preparations-previous papers in video form

  • Revision videos of latest exam papers for N1, N2, N3
  • Videos cover the whole paper
  • Live revision sessions with students able to interact with lecturer

Previous Papers with Answers in PDF form (2014-2019)

  • Past exam papers between 2014-2019
  • Exam papers with memorandums in a single downloadable PDF format


We have different pricing and packgages that can suit your needs. The prices are already discounted with the main aim being to remain competitive enough to maintain this website. It is all done with YOU in mind.

Pricing Packages

Our Guarantee-100% Money Back

We will refund your money if unhappy after you try us for one day on the program-with no questions asked. 24 minute lessons is designed to assist students who are preparing for their final exams. We aim to assist students prepare for their final exam- which is the most important thing to us. We take this so seriously that should you not be satisfied after signing up with our program/s, we will refund your money no-questions asked. Read more about our refund policy here:



Excel in your exam as you become an expert

With online learning, it has become very easier for students to master any subject they want to master and excel in it. With our online learning we offer you the best tuition making you easily understand the content and ace your final exams. Remedial work is always given to those who might struggle beyond normal lessons.

Learn by Doing

Mathematics is understood better as you do. It is more of a doing subject. Hence as you engage with the lecture, you get activities that helps you master the subject.

Mathematics is a practical subject that involves the student. The student must be willing to practice more frequently if they are to master the content. Repetition creates confidence and with confidence, you can face that exam unapologetically.

Achieve your goals

Our goal is to make you achieve your goals. Be that person you envision to be and let us be a part of your journey.

Nothing brings great pleasure than to see a student becoming who they envisioned to become in life. It is fulfillment to us. We are here to be a part of your success story and we are rooting for you. With our online learning we promise to give you all the necessary support needed for you to achieve your goals.

My Maths story was a disaster but thanks to sir”

The online learning provided by 24 minute helped me first gain the confidence and self esteem I needed and from there I think passing the subject become much easier. Now I am able to apply for the career I so much wanted-to be an Chemical Engineer

Samantha Modupe, former student


Is there refund if I am not satisfied

We have a 100% refund for any student who feels that this is not for them. we trust our work so much and also respect our clients so that they have their full value for money. We refund our students all the monies paid within two days of sign up should they decide to cancel with no questions asked. 

How does your payment work

Our payment plans are according to the ones shown above. The are once of payments and monthly payments depending on your type of online class you sign up for. To get more help before sign up, you can consult onoe of our consultants.  

Do I need a computer before I sign up?

Online learning requires you to have one of the following devices: a computer desktop, a laptop, a tablet, a smart phone as well as a stable internet connection. You do not need to buy a new device but can use the one already in possession.

What are the duration of the lessons?

Lessons are ideally supposed to last a minimum of 24 minutes but they can last more depending on the content covered. 

Can student call lectures?

At the moment we have not activated the call option but soon we will. The live classes involve asking questions through chat option. Students can also send emails

What happens if I register late?

Registration times are different and students are grouped into classes. This avoids scenarios of students joining a class that has already some of the content covered.

Can I attend physical classes?

Unfortunately our classes are only online and limited to online learning at the moment only.

Free Lessons

We have FREE lessons for students as a form of support from our YouTube channel and students can feel free to subscribe to our channel and be notified everytime we post new content. Visit our YouTube Channel Click Here

Premium Support

In as much as all students will be supported, we do offer premium support for premium members. Refer to premium membership to see the benefits of premium support.


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